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L’invitée is the fusion of a place,

where you feel at home and where you educate yourself financially.

When some other propose you all prepared kitchen, 

cooperativ wine and our gouvernement lies.

Here you can delight your taste buds with some good, fresh, home made 

and at the same time learn some thing about financial things.

This concept reflects a triple passion 

gastronomy, wine and finance.

Filled with the desire to propose the best plate,

with a good bottle from an indepedant winemaker and passionate by his job

and allow you to learn some things on how to spare money for long terme.

Warning, no financial advise, juste sahring on a very important subjet taht to many neglected.



The name G&R essentially corresponds to two things: 

Gastronomy and Yield

“You will come to us with an empty stomach, but you will also leave with a full head”.

L’invitée’s name reflects the philosophy of the place

wish still the most important thing, to be warmly welcomed. 

"Coming to our establishment is like coming to our home."

Since the first contact, proximity and sharing are approriate

Welcomed as a guest, with a smile, an hand shake, a kiss,

call you by your first name, catch up, chat,

all as if you are family, friends.

So we imagined this place like our home,

in which you are invited to have a coffee in the lounge,

 to dine in the dining room or to sip a cocktail at the terrasse.

More than share of your what's in your plate or what's in your glass,

you'll can do it about economy, finance and investment.

We wish to convey the soul of this symbolic district imbued

witch is part of culture and gastronomy. 

In the living room, a library with board games to have fun,

laugh, talk, discuss, learn, enjoy and regale all together.

Lets rise our glasses to our plates, buckets and finances !

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